Crypto Fund Management

We manage between $1K - $10K to make hodling of digital assets less painful, risky, and stressful.

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Current performance since
Since July 15th 2018 based on actual trades.

We Got You

We got your back making sure we are getting in when the market takes off, and getting out as it is turning down. That alone would have saved you 50% in February over hodling.

You Keep Control

You do not send us your coins, money, or passwords. You keep full control over your funds.

Human Meets Computer

Your fund is managed by automated systems, based on backtested strategies from experienced traders. It's an evolving strategy that we adjust to market trends.

14 Month Performance. After Bull Run.

  • CoinBakers 369.6%
    Exposure 24.9%
  • Bitcoin 187.9%
    Exposure 100%
Performance Balance vs Price Progression After Bull Run

Results from 2017-07-15 · 2018-09-15.
All trades using GDAX/Coinbase Pro data running strategy JW_V4 V4.11.0.
Past performance does not predict future returns.

14 Month Performance. Before Bull Run.

  • CoinBakers 117.6%
    Exposure 39.6%
  • Bitcoin 43.2%
    Exposure 100%
Performance Balance vs Price Progression Before Bull Run

Results from 2014-12-01 · 2016-02-20.
All trades using GDAX/Coinbase Pro data running strategy JW_V4 V4.11.0.
Past performance does not predict future returns.

Just a simple example.

If you bought and held Bitcoin on November 1st 2017 for $1,000 at a price of $6,425.01, you would have $980,39 on August 9th 2018. A loss of -1.96%.

If CoinBakers would have managed this amount, your final balance would be $2,773.89. A profit of +177.39%.

Based on JW_V4 4.5.1 and 34 trades. Start time 2017-11-01 00:00:00 end time 2018-08-09 00:00:00. Based on start price 6425.01000 USD and end price 6299.00000 USD from CoinBase Pro API data. Past performance does not predict future returns.

Why Managed is Superior Over Hodling

Hodling through the period marked by 1 would have decimated 50% of your dollar value. Our exits marked by the red dots would have secured most of your investment. The vertical areas marked in red are bear trends, you can see we do not trade at all in those periods, preserving your dollar value.

Bull Bear Market BTC

How does it work exactly?

You give us permission to manage your funds starting from $1,000 USD on the CoinBase Pro exchange.

You provide us API keys that allows us to trade on your behalf. We can not transfer your money out. Our automated and backtested strategies will place orders for you. Any time you can revoke permissions and see what trades are active in our dashboard or your exchange.

We work based on profit commission. If we do not make profit, you'll pay nothing. Commissions are based on the High-Water Mark method.


Managed Fund

33% of realized profits

  • Fully managed automatic trading
  • You keep full control over your own money, coins, and passwords. You never send this to us
  • Dashboard access to view current trades, historical trades, and balance progression
  • High-Water Mark method, only pay profits from your ATH balance
  • No fixed management fee
  • Monthly performance report
  • Dedicated support via email, chat, and Skype
  • Minimum balance required of 1K USD
  • Up to managing 10K USD, get in touch if your balance is higher

You will be billed afterwards and pay us in Bitcoin. More details about pricing

Ready to leave the bear markets behind?

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No credit card required. No sending of coins or passwords involved.
  • Which exchange do you support?
    At the moment we support CoinBase Pro. CoinBase supports 33 countries. Find the list of supported countries here. As long as you have a CoinBase account you can make use of our services. Check this post for Binance support.
  • Which pairs do you support?
    BTC only in the currencies USD, EUR and GBP. Read here why. Check this post for possible alt pair support.
  • What are the risks involved?
    Theoretically you could lose all your money. Practically, it is designed to be less risky than if you just buy and hold. Simply because we exit the market once it turns down (in your sleep). We averagely have around 24% market exposure.
  • Do I need to install software?
    CoinBakers runs in the cloud and communicates directly with your exchange using the API keys you provide us. No software to install or to maintain.
  • How does your strategy or algorithm work?
    I will go into more details in a future blog post. We use lagging indicators. That means we can never buy at the bottom and never sell at the top. However, if there are trends, we will always be able to make money. It's a long term, risk first, set up-and-forget strategy.
  • How many trades do you do per month?
    Between 1 and 6. Sometimes none if we are in a long down market or sideways market. Updates on strategies might change trade frequencies. Check our changelog.
  • Can I trade myself while using your service?
    Not recommended but sure. You can deposit/withdraw anytime and it's automatically picked up for your next trades.
  • The logo, is that a croissant?
    It sure is!
  • Check out our FAQ for more questions and answers.