• Managed hosting for a strategy of choice
  • Fully managed automatic trading
  • You keep full control over your own money, coins, and passwords. You never send this to us
  • Quarterly performance report
  • Support for CoinBase Pro and Binance
  • Up to managing 10K USD, get in touch for bigger portfolio's


Which exchange do you support?

We support CoinBase Pro and Binance.

Which pairs do you support?

BTC only in the currencies USD, EUR, GBP, USDT, and USDC. Read here why.

Do you offer free trials?

No, simply because trials are too short for our long term strategies and like with paper trading, it does not reflect the emotions when trading with actual money and positions.

Do you guarantee profits?

We NEVER guarantee profits. Run away from any service that claims so. As with any speculative investments like stocks, forex, only invest money you can and are willing to lose.

Do I need to send you my coins to be managed?

Nope, you keep full control over your own money and coins.

Can you transfer out my money or coins?

This is impossible because we decline any API keys with transfer permissions enabled. You use your own personal CoinBase account, in which you grant us only trading permissions. You do not share your password with us. So the worst thing we can do is well, trade. Read more about security in our faq.

Is it safe to provide you API keys?

Your API keys are saved encrypted and are deleted once we deploy your trading server. This means that we do not store your API keys locally or in our database. If our database ever gets hacked *knocks on wood*, then they can never get hold of your API keys. But then again the worst thing they can do is buy bitcoins bitcoin cash on your account. More about security on our faq page.

How many trades do you do per month?

Between 0-6 averagely but this depends on the strategy you pick. Check out strategies here.

How can I make a payment?

By default we accept credit card payments charged monthly. If you prefer using crypto we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Nano. Crypto payments are for 12 months.

Do you focus on acquiring more BTC or fiat?

Our main focus is increasing your dollar value.

What is the recommended account size for trading?

We recommend 5,000 USD or more but you can start or test with any amount over 50 USD.

The logo, is that a croissant?

It definitely is, nicely spotted!

If you have any questions?

Please reach out to us and we are happy to help you. More frequently asked questions can be found here.


  • We make around 0-6 trades per month. It is entirely possible there goes a month by without trades in a long down market.
  • There will be consecutive losing trades, don't stress out. If we don't have losing trades we're not risking enough to enter the winning trades.
  • We will never be able to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. We use lagging indicators, which means we react to the market as it progresses. We do not predict or anticipate.
  • Our goal is to beat the market. If the market grows with 10%, our goal is to make at least 10%. If the market shrinks with 10%, our goal is to lose less than 10%.
  • No software to install. Everything runs in the cloud.
  • No action required from you. Everything runs automatic. You basically become a Pro Hodler.
  • You do not send us your money or coins. You give us trading permission in your CoinBase account without sharing your password with us, through API keys.
  • Do not use your CoinBase account to trade yourself. This is not recommended as this will interfere with the trades we make. Nothing bad will happen though.
  • Trades we make will appear as limit-orders in your CoinBase account. These are regular orders as if you placed them. The orders will trail the price every minute until filled. This way we pay 0% fees.
  • You can revoke all permissions. Just delete the API keys you provided us in your CoinBase account.
  • This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. We can not guarantee profits.
  • And the usual disclaimer but not less important. Your capital is at risk as with any type of speculative investment like stocks and forex. Only invest the amount you are able and willing to lose. Any results in de past does not predict future returns.

Got any other questions for us?

Just get in touch with us here