Update On Market Crash 14th November 2018

jason  ·  2018 Nov 15

Quick update on the market crash yesterday. Saw it unfolding the whole day. In my Quora answer Why did the price of Bitcoin plummet down on November 14, 2018? I answered this question in detail. Please follow the link to read.

All customers funds were safe as we were not in a trade. That's the reason why limited exposure is so important.

I expect the drama to continue as Craig Wright from Bitcoin SV is warning to go all-in to kill Bitcoin ABC. If it ends up in a hashing war, this will take Bitcoin price down with it. A hashing war needs to be rented and settled with BTC, which are then sold on the market, thus tanking the price of Bitcoin.

Today is the day of the hard fork so things are definitely going to be interesting coming weeks. I do not suggest to trade this period. Don't try to catch a falling knive.

They should make a Netflix series about it 🤣

Anyway, it's a good day to let the market do its thing and hit the gym.


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