Quick Status Update + $4K Resistance

jason  ·  2019 Mar 18

Some updates.

Recently due to many core updates in the strategies and supporting strategy, we've experienced some instabilities. I'm moving too fast at the moment.

I've paired V5 USD pairing to EUR pairing for now. One to keep things a bit simpler for me when testing and analyzing and two because it performs better in current situations. You might still receive USD trade emails as I still want to keep registering USD performance over the long term and possibly switch back.

At the moment, V4 and V5 are too slow in how they are designed with the volatility that comes at $4K and the significance of this resistance line. It’s better to not trade this major resistance until its broken.

I will implement a simple version of this in the current strategies this week. This will be a precursor to a more dynamic and self learning approach and be part of the predictive strategy in the future.

With so limited time, it's always hard to find a balance between making the strategy better in situations or add (better) tests. Decisions. If the market could just give me a break haha.

Other news, gathering real time alt activity data is now gathering proper data since a week. I'm creating metrics that are historically not available but due to reporting errors had to truncate it a couple times. It's important to get this running, so that we can keep gathering this data in parallel. This data will form the building blocks for the tools and eventually the pump monitor. Besides that it may advice the master strategy and predictive strategy in the future.

Keep you updated.


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