Master Strategy Phase 1 Launch ๐Ÿš€

jason ย ยทย  2019 Apr 16

Master Strategy Phase 1 Launch ๐Ÿš€

Today I'm excited to announce the Master strategy Phase 1 release. The Master strategy is a flexible strategy where different strategies, intelligence, and overruling decisions can be implemented. Phase 1 encompasses a "simple" version by supporting a base strategy V4 or V5 and the seasonal crash trading strategy C1.

It's a good time to introduce the Master strategy now as we see trends and sentiment are starting to change. This means C1 might be expired and we need to examine current trend shift to start taking advantage of this. In my last blog post I said V5 would be the main running strategy but I'm not 100% yet decided on this. For now it runs V4.

If you want to run a plain V4 or V5, it will stay available. If you decide to use the Master strategy, you can do so in your dashboard.

Just a quick recap on the differences between V4 and V5, V4 trades slower, is longer in trades, gives trades more room. V5 trades more often, which reduces exposure risk, and is better at protecting pending profits than V4. However, V5 was introduced as V4 is mentally harder to handle - especially in the flat and crashing markets last 6 months. It is ruthlessly optimized for long term profits and happily passes on massive pending profits, so it secures bigger profits in different scenario's.

The Master strategy will be able to alleviate this partly in the future though, as more strategies will be plugged in and trade frequencies and signal quality will go up. More differences and its strength and weaknesses can be found here:

Coinbase Real-time Data Gathering

I've started gathering real-time data from Binance in preparation for the Pump monitor last month. I've extended this to Coinbase data. This data will probably be used in the next upcoming (seasonal) strategy, to be plugged into the Master strategy.

I will be working on this strategy the coming period as I also expect C1 will expire soon. Once I'm satisfied with the results vs risks and have it running on the Master strategy, I will start Phase 2.

That's it, have a nice day!


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