January 2019 Monthly Performance Update

jason  ·  2019 Feb 4

I skipped the December monthly update so I will include this in this quick performance summary too.

December 2018

  • Market performance: -7.18% from 3977.39 to 3691.8
  • Trades made in December: 1
  • Performance: ~5.5% for USD accounts and ~1-2% for EUR accounts

In december we experienced several critical bugs to the V4 strategy, in which we paused trading at end of year.

January 2019

  • Market performance: -7.62% from 3691.89 to 3410.62
  • Trades made in January: 0

In January I released V5 and an updated V4 to fix the December bugs. The market is choppy with a lot of 1-minute jumps and crashes. This is very challenging for both V4 and V5. However due to the overall bear trend this month, the strategy did not trade and beat the market with over 7%.


I will share a public roadmap soon but for now:

  • Feb: Binance Support V4/V5
  • Feb: Lower time-frame supporting strategy for V4/V5
  • Feb/Mar: Alt-coin monitoring tools
  • Mar: Alt-coin Pump Monitor Strategy

One interesting development I'd like to share is the exploration of trading crashes. Last week I started development of a new custom strategy for a third party platform. It's a lower time frame strategy (atm testing 30M candles) and basically throws out every concept of V4/V5. Instead of not trading after a crash like V4/V5, it will be trading during a crash. So far the results look promising but carries a lot more risks. I might make this strategy available on CoinBakers in a later stadium, as it's able to make good money during the choppy markets we are experiencing now.

I'd like to share another fact that strategies have shelf-lives. Longer term strategies tend to work longer than shorter term strategies. It's why I need to make adjustments in the future (besides updates) and that strategies are actively monitored and maintained. I actively try to avoid overfitting on historical data. This will also increase its shelf-live.

This is why detailed public backtests are important so you can all see how and what updates affect performance.

Now only to hoping that history will repeat itself just one more time.


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