Before holidays update and when to expect the next entry

jason  ·  2018 Dec 18

Just a quick update before the holidays. This is probably the last post I will share for 2018 unless something noteworthy happens.

In this post I will discuss the following:

  • Expectations of next entry
  • Binance Update

Expectations of next entry

Some of you might wonder when the bot will share its next buy signal. In my control center I can see which indicators will green light a buy. Here's a screenshot of the information I'm seeing.

CoinBakers Control Center

The blue circle shows you -13%. It indicates the strength of the mid-term trend we are in. As our strategy doesn't buy in bear markets this will need to turn into bull or neutral trend. Once neutral it's still not likely to buy as in my previous blog post I widened the neutral period to prevent the micro losses from before the November crash.

If all indicators green lights, the price must grow at least 16% to consider buying in. This number is gradually going down the longer we are in consolidation. It reflects the strength of a mid-bear, bull, or neutral trend.

A 16% price increase would come in now at $3746.

The screenshot is from Sunday and the mid-bear trend strength is now at -5.51%. If the trend continues it may trigger a buy position any day now. I will not share upcoming buys or sells as the bot is designed to just let it do its job, so we can continue with our lives without worrying or stressing about positions. But this is just to show how things are working in the background for the curious.

In this control center I can easily see if any of the trading servers have any issues. Or if there are issues receiving candle data for example. I monitor reddit comments too, for keywords like crash, dump, etc. but this has yet to be proven to be useful. I may monitor twitter keywords in the future.

Binance Update

This is going to be a slow month. I'm preparing some supportive tools that help me uncover opportunities. I need these tools before I can automate things as I need to know what works and not. Given the size (real-time monitoring of 100 alts), the data throughput, and the nature of the bot, it's not really viable to backtest in a way similar to JW_V4 strategy. I have to use it myself in production, test, revise, and log all the results.

The first step is to share the tools that uncover opportunities. You will have to trade yourself if you want to make use of it.

The second step is to provide options to buy and sell directly from the tool. You will have to provide your Binance API keys for this. The benefit is that you can act faster, and that we will automatically monitor a good point to sell with a trailing stop loss, and exit to a stable coin of choice.

The third step, which is my ultimate goal, is to automate the entire process so that you won't have to look at it anymore. I want to provide tools and services that anyone can use without trading experience or anyone that values their time in other aspects of life.

A suite of new tools will be released in January.

If you are looking for reading materials for the holidays I can recommend the following:

The art of execution. How the author categorised fund managers and analyzed losing and winning behaviours by having them manage a combined $1B in assets.

For something less serious: Disrupted. A laid off journalist that started working at HubSpot and experiencing a culture and age-gap shock.

And the one I'm reading at the moment What I learned losing a million dollars.

That's it for now, enjoy the holidays and see you back in 2019.


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