About Us

Who are we?

Well not much of a we, it's a one-man show at the moment. This page is basically proofing CoinBakers is not a scam as that is one of the first things people think if it's related to crypto and money. Fair enough.

I started CoinBakers as a service for myself because I simply didn't want to monitor charts all day. I ran an analytics company for 5 years. I've also day traded Forex with margins for a while. That's an excellent way to lose money!

In my free time I sometimes contribute to open source project NanoCenter and answer questions on Quora. I'm an occasional global top 10 writer on Quora for Bitcoin and crypto currencies (December 2018, January 2019).

How did it get started?

A couple years ago I was trading Forex. Not very succesfully so I bought a MetaTrader 4 bot after doing some research. Not very proud of this but I was scammed. There are also a lot signal services which sends you buy and sell advice. Never really worked out as I suspect they simply use the RSI indicator only.

I tried creating a service for traders to easily send signals but keep them accountable on their results. I got stuck at getting licenses for real time data. Expensive and old school.

Fast forward to 2017, getting real time data for crypto was straightforward, easy, and free! This opened a lot of oppportunities that I didn't have before. I also wanted to create something that really worked. So backtests are really important for me. I use it for my own funds (I'm thinking now you'd be crazy to have things unmanaged and be at the mercy of the market).

I enjoy automation and working with money lol, and believe in blockchain technology. Besides that I'm a huge data analytics nerd.

If you have any questions, technical or about trading, just fire them away. I can answer them all in detail


My mission with CoinBakers is to make managed crypto funds available to retail speculators.

Jason Wen

Founder of JpopAsia

Let's show you I'm real and legit because scams are prevalent in crypto. I've started a non-profit jpopasia.com, which is one of the biggest Japanese music sites for people living outside Japan serving about half million users per month. We have interviewed many A-list celebrities and have the largest Japanese lyrics database. You can head out and see "CoinBakers" in the footer of the page.


Got any other questions for us?

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